designing colors, materials, and patterns for an experiential art + autonomous mobility platform

Sponsored by Lear Corporation, through a collaboration between Color and Materials MFA students with a BFA Transportation Design student, this project aimed to design for 2030 autonomous interior and surface material concept based on the idea of a subscription model business plan, where shared autonomous vehicles are available on-demand to consumers.

"artonomous" is a concept of autonomous art mobility designed for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). “artonomous” imagines art on wheels as a platform that serves two purposes: firstly, it provides a blank canvas for artists to imagine and create immersive art-specific projects for the interior , and secondly, it offers a space for people to immerse themselves in the power of art as they commute through the city.

This project was developed in partnership with Lear Suppliers, Eagle Ottawa, and Guilford Textiles.

Shabnam Hosseini, Daniel Gombo

“artonomous” was the winner of Lear sponsored project.

Daniel Gombo - Interior designer


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