I call myself an Artist, Designer, Inventor, and Educator. No matter what I call myself or how I arrange the pattern, the common thread that runs across all of my endeavors is my deep interest in meaning-making in human experience, and imagination serves as my most advanced design tool in all my pursuits.

Beginning my creative journey in fine art, my interest in Design was sparked in Japan when I was granted the Japanese Monbusho Scholarship to study in Kyoto for two years. The poetry of life in Japan, capable of capturing unseen elements such as emotions or memories, even in mundane everyday objects, was an eye-opening experience. Following my interest in Design, I joined the Color and Materials Design program, a field where I apply my sensibility as an artist and my passion for designing emotion-evoking experiences through experimental and hands-on research, creating inspiring and stimulating color and materials design narratives.

A sculptor and color & materials designer by formal training, I was drawn into the field of experience design when I joined the "kinetic optimism studio" with an experience innovation process that brings together empathy, Design, and technological imagination to inspire new behaviors to help us be better at being human, not just more efficient users.

My holistic design approach invites the playful curiosity to dance with the possibilities of a moment in front of us. In the face of the contradictions of our lives entangled with technology and emotional complexity, I am interested in responding with optimism through Design, actively supporting the search for meaning in our relations with the world.